We’re Still Here! IFWFF Update + Tentative Festival Schedule

Hi, Everyone!

I kept putting off making an update until I knew something “for sure;” however, in these strange times, it seems like no one knows anything “for sure” anymore… So, rather than continuing to keep you in the dark, I’m going to share what I think I know.

The only thing I do know for sure:

The Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival is STILL HAPPENING!

We’re also pretty sure we know where (we had to change venues again!). But the “when” is still up in the air due to COVID-19 concerns.

We have found a new home for IFWFF! The new venue is the Parkview Playhouse featuring The Little Bakery Players at 932 South 12th Street Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This location is currently undergoing extensive renovations to transform it into a fantastic playhouse community theater.

As for the hotel… We haven’t been able to book a block of rooms (yet) due to pandemic safety-related orders from the State of Wisconsin. Until those orders are lifted/change, it’s impossible for us to put any rooms on hold for the event. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

As for when the festival will be held: That’s up to the State of Wisconsin. We were hoping for May, but that’s clearly not going to happen. We’re looking to our government for clues, but they haven’t given us many.

As of now, we’re thinking (hoping!) that the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival will be allowed to happen in late June. Maybe early July.

Boy, I wish I knew more and could give exact dates! Unfortunately, that’s not possible right now. As SOON as I’m told what’s going on, I’ll tell you.

Whenever we’re finally told we can hold the festival, it will be a 4-day event VS the original 3-day event! By then I think the city of Manitowoc will be very happy to be able to see the great films from around the world we are planning to show. After everything that’s been going on, we could all use an extra day of entertainment!

Again, I apologize for not having exact dates for the festival yet. However, this is the proposed schedule for the 4-day extravaganza whatever the dates end up being:

  • Thursday 1PM -10PM
  • Friday 1PM – 11PM
  • Saturday 1PM – 11PM
  • Sunday 1 PM – 8PM

We can’t share the films being shown (yet); however, as always, “mature” films will be shown after 8PM each night. Although not pornographic, those are the films with adult themes (language, violence, etc.) you probably shouldn’t take your kiddos to. That said, once the final program is released, all of the films will include a description so you can choose what to watch at your own discretion and to your personal taste.

We’re all disappointed how 2020 has turned out thus far. And I’m saddened and frustrated I don’t have a more “concrete” update to share. However, I remain optimistic and I know that whenever the IFWFF is allowed to show, it will be amazing. I’m truly excited about the quality and variety of films that were submitted this year and I can’t wait to share them!

As soon as I know anything, I’ll make another update. Until then… Hang in there! And know that the festival WILL happen.

—Wayne Clingman