Zack Long Hero of Film

In the last year events in my life got damn strange, a few steeped up to help in a big way.

One of them is Zack Long.  I like everyone to know more about his efforts in helping in film/writing, if you can use his services please do

was launched by Zack Long with the express purpose of providing articles and resources to screenwriters that love playing within genre – horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, etc. As well as the free articles and podcasts on the site, Mr. Long also uses as a way to market his screenwriting services: from detailed screenplay notes on character, theme, plot, writing and more, to 1-on-1 lessons and even a four week course on writing the short film, Mr. Long strives to help writers tell the best story they can (and the weirder, the better!). Mr. Long is also the author of Scream Writing: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing the Horror Screenplay, which is expected to be out through Static Pen Publishing by third quarter 2019.