We’re Still Here! IFWFF Update + Tentative Festival Schedule

Hi, Everyone!

I kept putting off making an update until I knew something “for sure;” however, in these strange times, it seems like no one knows anything “for sure” anymore… So, rather than continuing to keep you in the dark, I’m going to share what I think I know.

The only thing I do know for sure:

The Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival is STILL HAPPENING!

We’re also pretty sure we know where (we had to change venues again!). But the “when” is still up in the air due to COVID-19 concerns.

We have found a new home for IFWFF! The new venue is the Parkview Playhouse featuring The Little Bakery Players at 932 South 12th Street Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This location is currently undergoing extensive renovations to transform it into a fantastic playhouse community theater.

As for the hotel… We haven’t been able to book a block of rooms (yet) due to pandemic safety-related orders from the State of Wisconsin. Until those orders are lifted/change, it’s impossible for us to put any rooms on hold for the event. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

As for when the festival will be held: That’s up to the State of Wisconsin. We were hoping for May, but that’s clearly not going to happen. We’re looking to our government for clues, but they haven’t given us many.

As of now, we’re thinking (hoping!) that the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival will be allowed to happen in late June. Maybe early July.

Boy, I wish I knew more and could give exact dates! Unfortunately, that’s not possible right now. As SOON as I’m told what’s going on, I’ll tell you.

Whenever we’re finally told we can hold the festival, it will be a 4-day event VS the original 3-day event! By then I think the city of Manitowoc will be very happy to be able to see the great films from around the world we are planning to show. After everything that’s been going on, we could all use an extra day of entertainment!

Again, I apologize for not having exact dates for the festival yet. However, this is the proposed schedule for the 4-day extravaganza whatever the dates end up being:

  • Thursday 1PM -10PM
  • Friday 1PM – 11PM
  • Saturday 1PM – 11PM
  • Sunday 1 PM – 8PM

We can’t share the films being shown (yet); however, as always, “mature” films will be shown after 8PM each night. Although not pornographic, those are the films with adult themes (language, violence, etc.) you probably shouldn’t take your kiddos to. That said, once the final program is released, all of the films will include a description so you can choose what to watch at your own discretion and to your personal taste.

We’re all disappointed how 2020 has turned out thus far. And I’m saddened and frustrated I don’t have a more “concrete” update to share. However, I remain optimistic and I know that whenever the IFWFF is allowed to show, it will be amazing. I’m truly excited about the quality and variety of films that were submitted this year and I can’t wait to share them!

As soon as I know anything, I’ll make another update. Until then… Hang in there! And know that the festival WILL happen.

—Wayne Clingman

Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival (May 2020!)

Is this thing on…?

Hello, Film Fans!

It’s been a while since I’ve made an update and I deeply apologize for that. I’m still highly active online (mostly on Twitter — follow me, if you haven’t already!), but I always end up neglecting my blog.

In all honesty, I’ll probably end up neglecting it again after this entry. For micro-updates about events AS they happen (or are in the process of happening), Twitter is where the action is. For BIG updates, I’ll do my best to post here.

Today, for example, warrants a BIG update!

Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival Banner

Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival is BACK!

Actually, that’s “old” news at this point. I announced the return of the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival last April. However, seeing as it’s been a while since that update: I’m happy to announce that it’s, indeed, still back! And it’s looking better than ever.

Our “deadline” for submissions was Dec. 31st 2019… But, since there’s been so much interest, we’ve added a “late” deadline for February 14th 2020 and an “extended” (Last chance!!) deadline for March 31st 2020.

If you’d like to submit your film, please use our official Festival website on FilmFreeway.com. And here’s that link again for you to copy/paste, just in case: https://filmfreeway.com/IndieFilmWisconsinFilmFestival

After March 31st, that’s it! No more submissions.

At this time, we have over 120 projects submitted from 17 different countries — with more being submitted every day.

We’ve already started watching the entries submitted May – December 2019, but we need to ensure we have time to watch any “late bloomer” entries as well. If you miss the last 2020 deadline, you’re always welcome to submit your film for the 2021 festival!

The New Venue, Hotel Information, and Bonus Events!

The second annual Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival is being held at a new location. We’re hosting the event at the RCC.

Racine Creative Center
440 Main St.
Racine, WI 53404

Racine Creative Center

Our new location gives us an area to have classes within the same building we’re showing films in, allowing us to not only entertain but educate. If all goes as planned, we should have a few classes about filmmaking and screenwriting available for attendees who want to learn more about how to make their own independent films! Those classes/workshops showings will be listed here as they become known.

If you’re interested in teaching a class during the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival (IFWFF), please email Wayne Clingman (me) at indiefilmwisconsinff@gmail.com

We also relocated to support the efforts to bring life to the Downtown area. The Racine Creative Center (RCC) is using this event as a fundraiser. The RCC is also handling the event tickets (that information should be out late March).

This event is part of Spring Film Days of Racine led off by Animation Celebration Fest the weekend prior, the following week leading up to IFWFF. Events hosted by IFWFF during this week are “pass the hat” to help pay for use of the space.

Coming in from out of town? There’s a hotel about half a mile away:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Racine Harbourwalk
223 Gas Light Cir.
Racine, WI 53403

Double Tree by Hilton in Racine

We’ll see about reserving a block of rooms closer to the event.

There may be construction in the area during the month of the event. We’re still waiting to find out for sure. We’ll pass that information along as soon as we obtain it. As for parking, there’s very limited on-street parking; however, there’s a large multistory parking lot close at hand (parking runs about $0.60/hour).

For bonus fun, We’ll be holding a meet-and-greet on Friday, May 1st as well as a closing party on Sunday, May 3rd. Times and locations TBA — they’ll both be at one of the film-friendly bars in the area.

Judges, Awards, and Programs!

As with the previous IFWFF, filmmaker Jason Love and I will be “Master” judges (we’ll be making the final decisions regarding awards) for feature films, short films, animations, and music videos.Scriptophobic Logo

In April 2019, we happily announced the addition of Zack Long of Scriptophobic as the “Master” judge for screenplays!

Before anything reaches us, we have a team of other judges sorting through everything, helping to decide which films make the cut and should be shown during the Festival.

Although many of our “gatekeeper” judges wish to remain anonymous, I’m pleased to announce that Lauren Spear of HorrorFam.com will be judging HorrorFam.com logosubmissions to the horror/sci-fi category.

Ms. Spear will be watching each and every submission to the category and then passing them along to us with her notes.

Reminder: Attempting to bribe or harass any IFWFF judge before, after, or during the Festival will result in immediate disqualification of your project. It also makes the Elder Gods (and me!) extremely angry. Don’t do it.

We have hundreds of submissions every year, but only have time to show around 60 of them.  Of those 60+, awards will be given to the BEST of the best. The awards are given for:

  • Best Film
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Short
  • Best Animated Short
  • Best Music Video
  • Independent Spirit Award
  • Feature Screenplay Competition Winner
    • Feature Screenplay Competition 1st Runner Up
    • Feature Screenplay Competition 2nd Runner Up
  • Feature Screenplay Finalist
    • Short Screenplay Competition Winner
    • Short Screenplay Competition 1st Runner Up
    • Short Screenplay Competition 2nd Runner Up
    • Short Screenplay Competition Finalist.

After the films to be shown during the IFWFF are programed and listed, films for mature audiences will be scheduled for after 8:00 PM and marked with an “M.” Note: All films are not for all people!

That’s all for now! I’ll post again before the big event. In the meantime, submit your films and/or screenplays via Film Freeway and follow along with the fun on Twitter.

Zack Long Joins The Festival !

We’d like to welcome Zack Long, editor-in-chief of Scriptophobic, as Press Director for the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival. Mr. Long will be handling press releases, as well as helping in the editorial area of the festival.

In the time I have to know Mr. Long, I cannot think of a better person to provide the ever needed assistance in these vital roles.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Long aboard. Screenwriters should take the opportunity to visit Zack’s webpage at Scriptophobic.ca


News flash from Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival

Mr. Clingman, director of the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival, announced today that the call for entry for this year’s festival will be open 4/15/2019 and that the film showing from this call for entries will be shown May 1-3, 2020, at the 7th Street Theatre at 4900, Seventh Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53141-0456.
The change from the Town Cinema in Watertown was due to their being better infrastructure for holding a festival in Kenosha by its proximity to Three Collages, as well as Milwaukee. “This allows for more people to be able to partake in the event,” Mr. Clingman offered. “I am thankful for the use of the Towne Cinema and to the cinema manager and staff for allowing the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival to have our first showings there.”
Mr. Clingman continued, “One of the significant improves we are making for the coming year is the hosting of a Friday Night Mixer within walking distance of the venue. Perhaps what I am most excited about is the upcoming filmmaking classes and networking events to be helf at the 7th Street Theatre. These will start in May and will take place the third Saturday of the month (with the exact time to be announced).” Mr Clingman went on to say that he is planning to bring in a wide variety of people to teach classes and will encourage anyone interested in filmmaking to attend for a change to learn more, share what they know, and to meet fellow filmmakers from around the area.
As one filmmaker, Alejandro Montoya Marin (director of Monday and winner of Best Director and Best Film) said, “This festival is def going places. Great people, hosts, atmosphere and films. They care about the filmmaker and it shows. I will be returning here for sure.”
For more information on the Call for Entry, please visit https://filmfreeway.com/IndieFilmWisconsinFilmFestival
Mr. Clingman can be reached by email at indiefilmwisconsinff@gmail.com

The You Tube Class Block by Jason Love

The You Tube Class Block
Improving Your YouTube Channel [Intermediate/beginner YouTube Class]
Learn how to be a YouTube star or make money from filmmaking. This course is an intermediate/beginner class covering best practices to make your YouTube channel stick out from the crowd.
Topics covered in this course include branding, upload schedules, basics of the YouTube search engine, marketing, using your analytics, and growing your channel.
Make Money on YouTube [Advanced YouTube Class]
In this course, you will learn about YouTube Ad revenue, alternative ways to make money, & how to get clients using your YouTube channel. You get to see real numbers and real-world examples of how to improve your YouTube channel and increase your income on YouTube.
The class will also cover tools to boost your views, improve your search engine optimization, and improve your videos. Other topics include Patreon, Kickstarter, and other alternative online income streams available to YouTubers.
Jason Love is an entertainer, educator, and filmmaker. His work has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, Playful (part of Buzzfeed and NBCUniversal), and more.
Jason Love is currently working on a short documentary series entitled “Behind-the-Autism.” This series was made possible through the Racine Art Council’s Art Seed Grant.
Jason also teaches filmmaking through the Racine Creative Center and as part of Racine Case High School’s Eagle Video, Editing, and Recording (EVER). EVER is funded through an educational grant through Racine Unified School District.
You can watch Jason Love’s personal VLog at http://YouTube.com/jasonloveslife.
Price TBA this is a Sponsorship Opportunity

Welcome Lauren

Welcome Lauren

I’d like to welcome the great Lauren Tharp to the team who’s making the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival happen!

She’ll be doing the editing for the blog posts I do to make sure the grammar and spelling is correct. This, of course, is key for ensuring the best possible communication of information posted on the webpage.

I have known Ms. Tharp for many years, and I’m so happy she has come aboard this project.

Let’s have Ms. Tharp tell us a bit more about herself! And, please, make sure to visit her website if you ever need help with editing work.

A Message from Lauren:

Wow, Wayne! Thank you so much for the stellar introduction.

My name is Lauren Tharp. I’ve been writing as a freelancer since I was a teenager (I’m in my thirties now), and my love for writing slowly became a love for editing. Now, working as an editor is my primary focus.

I run a multiple award-winning website for writers looking to go freelance called LittleZotz Writing. It’s pretty darn cool. Check it out!

I also blog about my personal life at LaurenTharp.com! Or, if you prefer just to look at pictures of me instead, you can follow me on Instagram.

As far as Indie Film Wisconsin goes…

I grew up in the film industry (both of my parents were special FX artists) and I’ve always had a deep passion for the art of filmmaking. When I met Wayne nearly a decade ago, we hit it off immediately and never ran out of things to talk about.

Wayne Clingman is a fascinating man, and is incredibly driven. His various projects never cease to amaze me and I cannot WAIT to see what he does with the Film Festival! I’m honored to be a part of his team.

Stay tuned!! More coming soon.

Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information


The Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival can not happen without sponsors.


We have many opportunities for sponsorship; from basic electronic ads on the festival web page, to ads in the printed festival program, to sponsoring the Opening Night Party, Closing Night Party,  Breakfast with the filmmakers, as well as other opportunities.


Of course, there is more than one way to support the festival. We are open to barter as well.


If there are other opportunities that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to inquire! If we may be so bold to say so, we believe that the Indie Film Wisconsin FIlm Festival will be the best film festival the state has seen. With your help, we can make it truly an event for the ages!


Contact: indiefilmwisconsinff@gmail.com


Thank you for your consideration!

Indie Film Wisconsin Announces New Film Festival


Contact: Wayne Clingman
Phone: +1 312-257-4270


Watertown, Wisconsin, August 23, 2018 – Indie Film Wisconsin announces a new film festival to take place at Watertown, Wisconsin’s historic Towne Cinema, from April 19 to 21, 2019. Located in scenic Jefferson County, the festival is less than an hour’s drive from Madison and Milwaukee.
Indie Film Wisconsin has been at the forefront of discussing and championing the state’s independent film scene for over a decade. Now comes Indie Film Wisconsin’s inaugural film festival: A celebration of the independent film making spirit, and a showcase of independent cinema and new media, not just from Wisconsin but from the world.

The festival was founded by Indie Film Wisconsin’s creator, Wayne Clingman. From his tenure as Commissioner of the City of Racine’s cable access station, through being integral in introducing Wisconsin’s film incentive program and producing his own films, to his work on various film festivals including It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival, and Sydney, Australia’s A Night of Horror International Film Festival; Clingman’s experience in independent media creation, exhibition, and promotion is wide ranging.

“Indie Film Wisconsin welcomes submissions from all filmmakers, screenwriters, and new media content creators, working in all genres”, says Clingman. “We want this festival to celebrate the unique spirit of independent film, by providing a welcoming space for filmmakers and audience members to interact while enjoying the latest in independent cinema. And by presenting incredible films from around America and the world, we hope to also encourage Wisconsin’s own indie film scene.”

For more details visit: www.indiefilmwisconsin.com   

To enter https://filmfreeway.com/IndieFilmWisconsinFilmFestival