Who’s Who

Wayne Clingman: Long-time film fanatic Wayne Clingman has done it all, from delving into the world of pre-code film, to being the former host of the Indy Film Wisconsin podcast, to running the It Came From Lake Michigan film festival, a Horror/Sci-Fi Film Fest in the Milwaukee area.


Mr. Clingman in the past years has also worked as Judge and Programmer for The Night of Horror in Sydney, as well as a judge for Midwest Weirdfest in Eau Claire, WI


Wayne also has worked as Commissioner for Cable Access Racine WI for a number of years.


Kenneth Sanity: Kenneth Sanity has been a lover of film for as long as he can remember. Currently an English and Film Studies student at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside, Mr. Sanity has worked with Wayne Clingman during the It Came From Lake Michigan film festival as well as having flexed his journalistic muscle for the website Dorkgasm.


Kenneth Sanity is handling press and PR for the Indie Film Wisconsin film festival, 2019 season